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“Jake is extremely easy to work with. He really listens to your vision/ideas for projects and isn’t afraid to offer ways to make them better. Plus, he is really fun to be around. We always enjoy working on projects with him and the results he delivers.”

“As my older brother, I was unsure of the flexibility he would be able to provide to such a sensitive and graphic piece... ...I had doubts that we would be able to work together as professionals given our siblinghood. However, as soon as we began planning the project, these doubts melted away. Jake is professional and fun to work with. He provides an easy-going attitude that allowed me to feel comfortable in front of the camera... ...Through many long hours that could easily become tiresome, Jake made sure that everyone involved felt good about their time spent on set. He went above and beyond to create a piece of art that exceeded all hopes and expectations I had in the beginning.”


- Samantha Abrams, co-founder, Emmy's Organics

- Kenzey Simon, singer/songwriter/actress

- KayBe Seiler, singer/songwriter/actress

"Jake is an absolute gem... My original vision was doctored and nurtured from the start with Jake's help... he thoroughly annotated my thoughts and ideas... ...turning the images in my head into a reality. It is beyond evident that Jake has quite an extensive knowledge base and training in his production & editing craft... ... [he] was very flexible and appeasing to my budget needs, and we were able to create a beautiful scene, staying true to my vision... The final product is my proudest project to date and far exceeds my expectations and those of my audience. Jake is special because he whole-heartedly dives head first into anything he commits to, and makes you feel comfortable, brilliant... Creators like him are rare, but magnificent!"

"We can't say enough how wonderful it is to work with Jake. He is gifted with technical and interpersonal skills that are always reflected in the final product. We initially engaged Jake to document an intimate one-on-one oral history video. He quickly assessed exactly what we wanted. The quality of his videography was outstanding. We went on to hire him to document several other events, including a multi-generational family reunion, a large anniversary party and family portraits. In all these settings, he was able to capture the joy and fun of the moment... Not only that, the process of working with him was a total pleasure... ...he is patient, kind, and an excellent listener." 

- Camila Faraday, producer, "The Long Goodbye"

"We used Jake as our photographer [+ videographer] for our elopement ceremony. From our very first meeting he strove to help create the perfect day for us, one that would capture our love for one another and our unique personality as a couple. His creativity and ease allowed us to have fun, while still preserving the intimacy of our special day. When our photos and video came back I was amazed with how absolutely perfect they were! Tears flowed freely when we shared them with our famililies, and more than one person remarked that the images allowed them to truly "be there" for our ceremony."

- Kathryn & James, married: June 27, 2013

- Christian Auble, co-founder, Le Rouge Designs

"Jake was indispensable when it came to photographing our intricate stone and tile mosaics. We use a wide variety of materials, some smooth and reflective, while others were dark and textured. We went through many photographers in our pursuit to properly capture images of our installations and wall art. We simply could not find anyone capable of revealing the intricacy and beauty of our work. Then we brought Jake in. He brought a creative approach and managed to achieve what others could not. Our web presence and brochures would not have existed were it not for Jake's creativity, willingness to experiment, and dedication."

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